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Neil Brits


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Neil Brits

Specialist Wealth Consultant

Currently resides in: Western Cape, South Africa

Born in Johannesburg South Africa

I help my clients create, grow and safeguard their wealth in an extremely competitive international marketplace by offering them the best independent financial advice available on the market. Each prospect is carried out on a case-by-case basis, allowing me to take each client's goals and expectations into consideration when charting their financial plans and delivering our trusted financial advice.

Contact details

O: 0218310900

Web presence

Business Address

Century City, Cape Town, South Africa

Professional details

Current Position(s)

Wealth Consultant | DeVere Group South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa | March 2013 - present

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Previous Position(s)

Regional Manager | Sales | Planet Fitness
Johannesburg, South Africa | September 2007 - January 2013

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Assistant Marketing Director | Sales | LMM
Johannesburg, South Africa | December 2006 - August 2007

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Director | Sales | HCG
Johannesburg, South Africa | February 2000 - November 2006

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Educational history


Financial Planning Institute (FPI)

Cape Town, South Africa | 2013 - 2014

RE 1 - Financial



Arabella | 2014

Top 8 people in Africa for wealth management turn over

Highest Turnover in One Year | 2000

Highest cash turnover generated in one year.

Sales Manager of the Year | 2001

First Luitetenant SA Military | 1991

Shortlist and nomination

Financial Person of the Month | 2000

Company record for highest financial turnover in one Month

Competitive Accomplishments

South African / Transvaal Athletics | South African / Transvaal Athletics | 1985

South African Rugby Institution | Craven Week Rugby | 1986

Academic Achievements

Victor Ledorm | 1987

Vice Head Boy | 1990

Other Achievements




Active, January 2010 - present

STM Group

Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present

Royal Bank of Scotland

Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present

Goldman Sachs

Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present

Morgan Stanley

Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present

J.P Morgan

Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present


Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present

Royal London 360

Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present


Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present

Providence Life

Wealth Consultant partnership with DeVere, March 2013 - present

Africa Business Communities

Wealth Consultant, March 2013 - present

GAM Holdings

Wealth Consultant, March 2013 - present

Business Network Interational

Weath Specialist, May 2014 - present


The One Foundation

Wealth Consultant, March 2013 - present

The One Foundation is a private philanthropic fund, founded in 2005, which aims to significantly improve the life chances of disadvantaged children and young people in third world countries.

Through the funds that the foundation raises by selling specific products including bottled water, they support non-profit organisations, with the aim of addressing three key social issues that affect young people today; including poverty, lack of sanitation and mental health.

The One foundation promotes active philanthropy, which it believes can be a powerful way to generate long-term solutions to such issues. This means that the foundation invests in non-profit organisations that share the same vision, to help them make a step towards substantial change.

Founder and Managing Director of Global Ethics, the company behind the One brand, Mr Duncan Goose commented: "Together we changed a million lives, in just over 5 years". However, that is not enough. As I look in the future, I see amazing opportunities to create truly life-changing partnerships. My hope remains that people will share the same vision - one that will make the world a slightly better place and gives people better opportunities in life".

In July 2011, The deVere Group joined forces with The One Foundation by offering deVere clients the possibility to explore a new way of investing. The Alquity Africa Fund is a "richer, more profound, more sustainable approach" to investing. Alquity donates 25% of its net management fee to microfinance projects in Africa. Every investor can therefore help the African community lift itself from poverty and create business, without impacting their investment returns.

The One Foundation is proof that one person can make a difference.

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