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Hennie Botes


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Hennie Botes

moladi Construction Technology - Plastic Formwork

Currently resides in: Eastern Cape, South Africa

Born in Durban South Africa

Inventor and CEO of moladi plastic formwork - Affordable Housing - Award Winning Construction Technology - Established 1986 - Exported to 21 countries - Jobs Food through Shelter

Contact details

O: +27 41 379 2600

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World Economic Forum - Future of Construction - mo...

in World Economic Forum - Future of Construction

Professional details

Current Position(s)

CEO | Moladi
Port Elizabeth, South Africa | 1986 - present

Building, Construction and Engineering

Inventor and CEO of moladi construction technology -



World Bank - Courthouse Project in Tanzania | 2017

World Bank Funded moladi Courthouse Project in Tanzania

World Economic Forum - Case Study - Future of Construction | 2017

World Economic Forum - Davos - Switzerland - Case Study - Future of Construction - “moladi - One of the world’s most innovative, scalable, affordable and socially accepted housing systems”

Hult Global Case Challenge | 2012

A South African housing construction company, Moladi Housing Technology, has made it to the finals of the prestigious international competition, Hult Global Case Challenge, for providing affordable houses for the poor.

The Port Elizabeth-based company is in the final six in the 2012 Hult Global Case Challenge. One of the judges is former United States President Bill Clinton, whose foundation wants to build millions of houses in Africa.

The company has been building quality, cheap and affordable houses, schools and clinics for 26 years in poor communities around the world. It takes only a day to construct a building using its unique method, which comprises a plastic mould that is simply filled with a mixture of cement, sand, chemicals and water.
For more information visit

SABS | Design for Development | 1997

SABS design for development award

Best Man Award - Science and Technology | Mens Health - Best Man Award | 2009

A true leader and innovator in the field of science and technology, this is a man who is forging a new path, finding new answers

Shortlist and nomination

moladi selected to showcase at C-City Museum - Netherlands | 2015

African design - Exhibition taking place later this year at a new design museum called C-City, in Kerkrade in the Netherlands. The exhibition will showcase Design For A Better World - Innovations For People. The objective of the exhibition is to raise an awareness of design and to pass on its significance - moladi

empowering people. Award - Siemens Stiftung | 2012

Decent housing is one of the key factors in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. It is not just about putting a roof over someone’s head. Academic research proves that access to a clean and stable home implicates an improvement in security, health and education. Moladi, a South African based company, makes housing accessible to low-income people through innovative and eco-friendly technology

Clinton Foundation - moladi finalist | 2012

Kingston University TEAM presents moladi in the Hult Global Challenge - Habitat for Humanity International - Clinton Foundation

The Kingston University Team have progressed to the FINALS in NY where they will be presenting moladi, a South African innovation, in the Hult Global Challenge as a global solution to their Housing Case Challenge to the Bill Clinton Foundation

Man of the Year - Science and Technology | 2009

Best Man recognises today's true leaders who are having a positive impact in South Africa -They represent the finest of South African men, men who are actively using their passion and expertise to make a difference in our country. - Ridwaan Bawa Men's Health editor.

media exposure

Responsible Business - Sustainable Development Goals - UNDP | 2017

Accelerating Inclusive Growth To Deliver The Sustainable Development Goals - UNDP #SDGs

FinWeek | 2017

The Builder of the Future - Moladi founder Hennie Botes has developed a way to build houses and social infrastructure faster and cheaper,
without jeopardizing the structural integrity of buildings.

World Economic Forum - Davos - Switzerland | 2017

World Economic Forum Case Study Future of Construction - moladi One of the world’s most innovative, scalable, affordable and socially accepted housing systems #moladi plastic formwork

Hennie Botes invited to Moscow | 2013

Social entrepreneur, Hennie Botes, the inventor and CEO of moladi Construction Technology, has been invited to Moscow, as speaker to present at the 13th NATCON-2013 to be hosted by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (CREDAI), the apex body representing private real estate developers in India

Financial Mail | 2012

AFFORDABLE HOUSING - Better ways to build: Government is building around 200 000 fully subsidised houses annually. It’s a laudable achievement but not enough to prevent a steady rise in the backlog, which ended 2011 at 2,2m units. Hennie Botes, CEO of alternative building systems firm Moladi, says a shift away from traditional brick and mortar houses would go a long way towards reducing this backlog. “Cementing one brick on top of another is inefficient,” says Botes. “There is also a big shortage of skilled building artisans in SA.”

UNDP Case Study - moladi: An Affordable Housing Solution for the Poor? | 2010

Moladi utilizes a unique plastic injection molded technology to produce cast in place mortar structures. The process allows unskilled laborers to use indigenous materials to quickly and cheaply construct high standard permanent buildings that are earthquake, cyclone and tsunami resistant. With the intended purpose of , housing the nations, the construction technology addresses four key challenges embodied in the low cost housing shortages facing developing countries, namely: lack of resources, insufficient funds, shortage of skills, and time constraints.

Academic Achievements

World Economic Forum - Boston Consulting Group - Future of Construction - Case study on moladi | 2017

World Economic Forum - Davos - Switzerland - Future of Construction - Case study on moladi

Other Achievements

Hennie Botes TV Interview "The today show" Construction Business | 2013

moladi a global player going forward - Established in 1986 moladi has partnered with leading global companies to become a world leader in establishing the "One Stop Housing Shop" Develop Build Finance



Commonwealth Business Council

, 2010 - present

Commonwealth Business Council


World Bank - Washington - USA

"Dear Mr. Hennie Botes,

Thank you for sharing the World Economic Forum article on Tanzania courthouse construction.

Indeed, under the leadership of the judiciary, the World Bank supported Tanzania Citizen-Centric Judicial Modernization and Justice Service Delivery project is up and running partly because of the quick and speedy launch of the Kibaha courthouse. This courthouse was possible due to fast-track construction Moladi technology and laudable efforts of Mr. Abeid and his construction team.

This experience would be useful to other World Bank projects in Tanzania and beyond.

We would like to see what is a good time and day to have an audio or video conversation to further reflect on this matter. I have had a brief conversation with Mr. Abeid in Dar during the last visit to Tanzania.

Washington DC USA
" - 2017

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